Tulsa World: With all due respect

Wayne Green writes in the Tulsa World today:

Hanging on the wall of my office is a picture of Chauvin Aaron, the 2007 drum major of OU’s Pride of Oklahoma. It’s a peculiar image, although one that any University of Oklahoma fan will recognize immediately.

You think for a moment that you are looking at a headless man. You can’t see Aaron’s face because he’s bent over so completely as he charges out of the band in the school’s beloved pre-game tradition. His back is arched so improbably that the top of his hat nearly drags the ground behind him as the state song bursts out of the trumpet section.

Looking at it, you can almost hear the trumpets swelling: “Oooooo-klahoma!”

If my office were suddenly to burst into flames, and I had to run from the building, I might leave my paycheck sitting on the desk, but I’d grab that picture on the way out the door.

It goes on from there, and is well worth reading, and remembering how hard everyone worked to make it and keep it The Pride of Oklahoma.

Were any of you marching at that Nebraska game on November 23, 1973, that had such a big impact on Mr. Greene?