Meredith Sigler: Three-Time World Champion Twirler

Congratulations to Pride of Oklahoma feature twirler Meredith Sigler, who this summer won the “Strut Champions” and “Two Baton Champion” events at the Twirling Unlimited 2008 International Championship competition in Canton, OH! Meredith placed second in the “International Solo Champions” competition, but nonetheless she’s a three time world champion twirler!

The Norman Transcript has more on her upcoming final year with the Pride, including this unforgettable tidbit:

She also designs her own costumes for her performances. She searched far and wide to match the red of the Pride uniforms, and has to get all her red material from Illinois.

She has a special uniform for the OU/Texas game with an upside-down longhorn on the bum. It’s specially designed to snap off in case a Texas fan gets too worked up and tries to pull her bottoms down.

Let’s hope it never comes to that. Congratulations, Meredith!