Free Chik-Fil-A chicken strips for wearing a team logo

Need an excuse to wear OU logo shirts on September 1, after the first home game? If you’re near a Chik-Fil-A, this might do:

An open box of chik-fil-a chicken strips.On September 1st, go into any participating Chik-Fil-A wearing a sports team logo and they’ll give you an order of their “new and improved” chicken strips. The logo can be from any level of football team, even the one your kid is on.

Not that we’re endorsing any particular fast food outlet, but as band alumni, we’re always in favor of free food.

(Via Slashfood.)

Pride runs deep for director of University of Oklahoma marching band

Update: The gameday schedule on our Events calendar has now been corrected to match Saturday’s actual rehearsal and performance times, including the Boomer Bash pep band, which we left off for unknown reason.

The Oklahoman ran a nice feature in today’s Sunday Living section on alumnus (and, of course, Director of The Pride of Oklahoma) Brian Britt. Some excerpts:

One hot day in the north end zone of Owen Field, Britt knew this would become his life’s work. It was 1984, and he had been recruited to help teach a complex routine to the OU percussionists. It was painstaking work, but once the players were able to execute the drill flawlessly, Britt knew he wanted to pursue music as a career.

… Britt relies on six graduate assistants and two dozen student leaders to drill small groups of players in every aspect of a new routine. Once learned, these sections can be strung together to create the pomp and pageantry of a visually stunning halftime show.

This season, The Pride of Oklahoma will offer tributes to the rock band The Who, the music of Duke Ellington, a patriotic show and an iPod shuffle [show] that will feature tunes that might be found on a student’s digital music player.

“There are benefits to doing themed shows and more eclectic shows,” Britt said. “With an eclectic show, you have the potential to reach a broader audience. With a themed show, you often lock in on a specific demographic. Our job is to play with a lot of energy and do as varied a repertoire as we can. With fans ranging from elementary age kids to octogenarians, we hope they will hear something … that resonates with them.

“To watch these players have so many amazing experiences, individually and collectively, to see them begin to develop adult thought processes and problem-solving skills, to send them out of this place to be community leaders regardless of their chosen profession, that is at the heart of why I do this.”

You can always use our site to drop Brian Britt an E-mail, but keep in mind that since the first home game is this Saturday, and that the band was selected just this past Wednesday night, there’s an awful lot going on this week, so responses might be delayed. :-):

The “iPod Shuffle” show is up first this year, and we’ll have more details on it as Saturday approaches. We don’t have the full gameday schedule Check out the gameday schedule on our Events calendar; as the article notes, the pre-game concert is 90 minutes before kickoff. This weekend, that means 4:30 PM on the lawn north of Jacobsen Hall. You can also see The Pride Friday night at this year’s Big Red Rally, and of course, during the game against the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. We hope to see you at some or all of these performances as the 2008 Pride of Oklahoma carries on our tradition!

Minor site update update

Only two three items of note:

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  3. Update: As part of the changes, we’ve been able to add Google search to the top of every page, to help you find things faster. It searches this site only, unless you tell it to search the entire Intertubes. We’ve also enhanced the “Sorry, you can’t see this page” results page to tell you to join or login if you’re a member. Only members can see the pages with sheet music for homecoming to help protect the University’s copyrights on those arrangements.

We may move the site to a different content management system later this year (probably not before homecoming, because I really don’t need more pain in my life), and any major redesign will wait until then. The Pride is using Joomla now, which looks interesting.

Note that as of this writing, it’s not fully integrated into the old site—the previous link takes you to an old static page. The new dynamic site is located here for now, but we’ll help them get the regular URLs pointed to it as soon as is workable for the staff. The first rehearsal of the 2008 Pride of Oklahoma is was Wednesday night, so the 300 members of this year’s marching band have a lot to do with the first home game just ten days after the first Boomer Sooner of the year. Check out our Events calendar if you’re not up on the 2008 season yet!

First home game to be on pay-per-view

If you’re not coming to the stadium to see the debut of the 2008 Pride of Oklahoma, you’ll need to pony up about $30 to see it at home, the OU Athletic Department announced today:

NORMAN, Okla. – Oklahoma’s season-opening football game against Chattanooga on Saturday, Aug. 30 at 6 p.m., CT will be televised live on pay-per-view by Big 12 Special Order Sports, FSN Southwest’s pay-per-view division. The telecast will be available on participating cable television systems in Oklahoma and Texas and nationwide to satellite dish customers.

Suggested retail price is $29.95. A list of participating programming providers carrying the PPV game will be announced later. Most programming providers will begin accepting orders the week of the game. Fans should check with their local provider for availability in their area.

Tim Brando (play-by-play), former Oklahoma running back Spencer Tillman (analyst), former OU quarterback Paul Thompson (sideline reporter) and FSN Southwest’s Emily Jones (sideline reporter) call the action. Former Oklahoma quarterback Dean Blevins will host the pay-per-view telecast from Memorial Stadium in Norman, Okla., and will anchor a one-hour pregame show, which will commemorate coach Bob Stoops’ 10th season at Oklahoma.

Why pay-per-view?

The game is being televised on pay-per-view because it was not selected for over-the-air broadcast or cable television coverage. Under conference TV rules, games not picked up for regular television distribution can only be televised live on pay-per-view, giving fans the option to watch a game they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.

Participating cable and satellite TV providers will offer the game to their customers on a designated pay-per-view channel. The telecast will not pre-empt FSN Southwest’s regularly-scheduled programming.

And if you really want to see it on TV for no additional cost?

FSN Southwest will replay the game in a one-hour format on Tuesday, Sept. 2 at 11 a.m., CT as part of its new BIG 12 NO HUDDLE series, which will feature condensed telecasts of Big 12 games throughout the season.

So there you go.

2008 Gameday Information

Directly from the OU Athletic Department. Notice that parking is no longer permitted on Brooks Street, either north of the stadium or on Brooks east of Jenkins. View the parking map [PDF] directly for more information.

Update: From the Norman Transcript:

This year all public street parking will be clearly identified by parking signs, [Norman police Capt. Mike] Praizner said.

“By following the parking signs, game day parking will be done in an orderly fashion that will allow the Fire Department and other public safety vehicles to access any necessary areas around the University of Oklahoma,” he said.

The most visible change to fans and citizens will be parking limited to one side of a street in some areas. This change is meant to improve motorist and pedestrian access and decrease potential obstacles for public safety responses.

In order to accommodate fans who may be displaced from a former parking place, OU plans to add paid parking in a lot on the east side of George Avenue, just south of OU’s duck pond, Praizner said. The University will continue to offer free parking at the Lloyd Noble Center.

Meredith Sigler: Three-Time World Champion Twirler

Congratulations to Pride of Oklahoma feature twirler Meredith Sigler, who this summer won the “Strut Champions” and “Two Baton Champion” events at the Twirling Unlimited 2008 International Championship competition in Canton, OH! Meredith placed second in the “International Solo Champions” competition, but nonetheless she’s a three time world champion twirler!

The Norman Transcript has more on her upcoming final year with the Pride, including this unforgettable tidbit:

She also designs her own costumes for her performances. She searched far and wide to match the red of the Pride uniforms, and has to get all her red material from Illinois.

She has a special uniform for the OU/Texas game with an upside-down longhorn on the bum. It’s specially designed to snap off in case a Texas fan gets too worked up and tries to pull her bottoms down.

Let’s hope it never comes to that. Congratulations, Meredith!