OU’s first home game on pay-per-view

If you’d like to see the debut of the 2008 Pride of Oklahoma, get your tickets now or get ready to pay around $30 or so for the privilege of watching OU play the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Mocs on TV:

The University of Oklahoma’s season-opening football game against Tennessee-Chattanooga will be available on a pay-per-view basis through FOX SportsNet.

The kickoff has been set for 6 p.m., on Aug. 30.

Details pertaining to subscriptions and available viewing areas will be coming in the next few weeks according to OU Vice President and Athletics Director Joe Castiglione.

He indicated that the format for the game will be similar to other FOX-OU pay-per-view ventures that have aired in recent seasons.

(Yes, “Mocs.” Until 1996, they were the “Moccasins.” We have no word here yet on whether the Marching Mocs will attend the game or not.)

We’ve updated the Events calendar with the kickoff time of 6:00 PM CDT. That makes four games whose kickoff times have been set—the first three games and Texas (11:00 AM CDT, don’t stay up too late).

As for homecoming? I have no information on that yet, either, but it looks like it’s been set for the Kansas game on October 18, except they seem to be calling it “Reunion 2008,” so I’m not completely sure. It looks like it, though, because one of the scheduled events for “Reunion 2008” is the “Homecoming Parade.”

Update: OK, I guess “Reunion” is just for certain classes, and “Homecoming” is for everyone. We now have a Homecoming 2008 department and the dates are on the calendar.