A memorial concert for Mady Byrne (1988-2008)

The Symphony Band and Concert Band present a memorial concert for hornist, Mady Byrne, who passed away suddenly in February on the scheduled date of ensembles’ first concert.

This final concert for the semester is presented on Monday, April 21, at 8:00 p.m, in the Paul F. Sharp Hall at Catlett Music Center on the University of Oklahoma Campus.

Concert Band selections include:

  • West Highland Sojourn by Robert Sheldon
  • Shenandoah by Frank Ticheli
  • Journey into Diablo Canyon by David Shaffer
  • Psalm 46 by John Zdechlik
  • and Cheerio March by Edwin F. Goldman.

The Symphony Band, of which Mady was a member, performs:

  • Boys of the Old Brigade March by W. Paris Chambers
  • Laboring Songs by Dan Welcher
  • Sanctuary by Frank Ticheli
  • Flag of Stars by Gordon Jacob
  • Blithe Bells by Percy Grainger
  • and Niagara Falls by Michael Daugherty.

Concert admission is free. Click on the image of the poster to download a printable version [1.5MB PDF, contains a photograph of Mady Byrne] to post where people may gather.