The Pride at the 2008 Fiesta Bowl (with videos)!

I’m beginning to hate the BCS for reasons far different than the whiny sportswriters and others who never see anything of college sports but the teevee broadcasts.

Our beloved Sooners are now 0-4 in their last four BCS bowl games, including two national championship games and two consecutive Tostitos Fiesta Bowl appearances. All hail to the Mountaineers, who overcame significant turmoil to play a fantastic game. Plus, a 11-3 season is nothing to sneeze at, nor is OU’s second consecutive conference championship (#41 in an ongoing series).

We’ve got a few videos from KOKH-TV (Fox 25 in Oklahoma City) and from the national FOX Broadcasting’s coverage of the BCS and the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. First up, from KOKH news reporter Jaime Cerreta—an Arizona State University alumna, who’s very familiary with the Fiesta Bowl and its festivities—a segment on The Pride‘s two-time world champion feature twirler, Meredith Sigler:

Next up is a live interview Jaime Cerreta conducted from the field at University of Phoenix Stadium with Brian Britt (not only one of us but, of course, director of The Pride of Oklahoma) at approximately 6:11 PM CST, or just about 70 minutes before kickoff, when The Pride entered the stadium:

Of course, what we really want to see is The Pride on the field, and FOX’s BCS coverage in high definition obliged at both pregame and halftime! And if you can’t have John McCormick, George Ryan, or Jeremy Gossett doing the honors on television, who better could you imagine to introduce The Pride of Oklahoma than legendary Sooners coach Barry Switzer?

And finally, nearly two full minutes of the halftime performance itself, featuring Jerry Goldsmith’s score to The Wind and the Lion, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. FOX’s timing did not include the Thriller dance, to everyone’s great disappointment, but what did make the air looked pretty darned good:

The armchair coaches will have plenty to chew over until Pride auditions start in August, but there was no question to anyone watching the broadcast that The Pride was there for all sixty minutes of that game. Long after the TV shots made it clear that most Sooner fans had left the building, the young men and women in the new red uniforms finished strong, never giving up, never flagging.

We’re proud to have had them carry on our tradition in this just-completed Oklahoma Centennial Season, one in which band members traveled over 10,000 miles supporting the Sooners and representing our state. Thanks, 2007 Pride of Oklahoma—and for those who have completed your time on the practice field, welcome to our ranks. :-):