Gameday #7: BEDLAM, baby!

(updated from previous kickoff-time only post)

My inner hunch that I’d have more fun in Austin than Lubbock grows stronger every other year.

Barring a set of circumstances that can most charitably be described as “mammothly improbable,” the Sooners’ loss to Texas Tech last night knocks them out of contention for the BCS National Championship. But in a sense, that just makes this Saturday’s game hosting Oklahoma A&M State even more important.

The Sooners clinch the Big 12 South division title with either a Texas loss to Texas A&M on Friday, or an OU victory over OSU on Saturday. Texas is currently a strong favorite over A&M, but everyone remembers last year: Texas lost QB Colt McCoy to injury in the next-to-last game, and lost that game and their last game at home to their hated in-state rival. That double loss turned Texas’s “sure-thing” division championship into an OU division title, with the Sooners going on to beat Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship to earn a berth in the Fiesta Bowl.

With Sam Bradford injured in last night’s loss, OSU is without doubt looking to repeat that pattern north of the Red River. OSU can’t win the Big 12 title, but at 6-5, the Aggies Cowboys are barely bowl-eligible, and would improve their chances of a good post-season trip with an upset of the Sooners. If OU wins, they’ll face the winner of Saturday night’s Kansas-Missouri game for the Big 12 title in San Antonio on December 1.

If Kansas wins that game and the Big 12 championship, they’ll play for the national title. If Missouri or OU wins the Big 12 championship, they’ll go to the Fiesta Bowl. Interestingly enough, as of this weekend, Jerry Palm of is predicting that OU will win the conference title, and that Kansas will be a BCS at-large team—and that the two will meet in the Fiesta Bowl. I can’t tell if he believes Kansas or Missouri will win the Big 12 North title, but I think he think it’d be Kansas, because the Jayhawks wouldn’t be an attractive BCS at-large team with two losses. (Palm currently believes OSU will be invited to the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio with a loss to the Sooners on Saturday.)

There’s a lot at stake in this final home game, made all the more serious for our men and women of The Pride of Oklahoma because they leave tomorrow for New York City and the Macy’s® Thanksgiving Day Parade. Keep them in your thoughts on Thursday, as they get the wake-up call for the parade at 1:30 AM on Thanksgiving morning, just the start of a very long day that doesn’t end until very late Thursday or early Friday when they arrive back in Norman.

We’ve got the Events calendar updated with Saturday’s tentative schedule. There do not appear to be any public rehearsal or spirit opportunities in NYC before the parade itself (sorry, East coast alumni :-(: ), but if any present themselves, we’ll update the calendar. The Bedlam game kicks off at 2:30 PM CST and will be televised regionally by FSN on cable and satellite—that’s channel 37 for Cox OKC customers, channel 416 on Dish Network, and channel 643 on DirecTV, though some customers can get HD versions on other channels if the game is broadcast in HD).

It’s also Senior Day, and The Pride‘s halftime show not only salutes our seniors, but ends in a spirit of Centennial cooperation that should be a sight to see. We hope to see you at the concert and the game, and if not, we hope you cheering for the Sooners in front of the TV. It’s the last and most important game of the regular season! BOOMER SOONER!