The Oklahoman profiles Meredith Sigler

In case you missed the Oklahoman’s recent article on The Pride‘s three-year feature twirler, Meredith Sigler, it’s now available online.

The article doesn’t mention Meredith’s scholastic achievement, though. Here’s some description from the OU Club of Dallas from four years ago, when she won one of the organization’s scholarships:

Meredith graduated from Lakeview Centenial High School in Garland, and will major in Microbiology. Her SAT Total was 1040, her ACT total was 22, her GPA was 3.86/4.0, and her rank was 19th in her class of 442. Her mother Judy and father Frank are Teachers.

Of course, Meredith is just one of the latest in a long line of Pride members who received scholarships or help from the OU Club of Dallas, but has distinguished herself in so many ways both in and out of the Pride, including membership in ΤΒΣ—and is going for her third world championship next year. Congratulations and good luck, Meredith!