Homecoming 2007 Kickoff time: 5:30 PM!

We finally know kickoff time for the Homecoming 2007 game against Missouri: 5:30 PM CDT, televised regionally on Fox Sports Network. Now we can work on a Homecoming Weekend schedule and get it out to you ASAP!

Also, because both OU and Texas lost their games on September 29, ABC-TV has dropped the OU-Texas game to regional coverage: 27% of the country will see Iowa at Penn State instead, and 18% in the southeast get North Carolina State at Florida State. Everyone west of the Mississippi River (with exceptions in the eastern Dakotas, eastern Nebraska, and parts of northwestern Nebraska) will get the OU-Texas game in high-definition. See this map for the precise details.

We’ve updated the Events calendar with tentative times for some of the normal Gameday events: morning rehearsal, pre-game concert, pre-game performance, and so on. All of these are based on the normal gameday routine, but since it’s Homecoming, the Homecoming Parade and other activities may throw any of those off. We’ll update them as we have more concrete information, and we’ll add in the OUBAA events (the business meeting, luncheon, and so on) as those are set. The calendar updates immediately when we enter new info, and if you’ve subscribed to it in iCal or Windows Vista, you’ll get updates on your next refresh. Events for The Pride are prefixed “Pride:”, while those just for alumni are prefixed “Alumni:”, just to keep the two tracks clear.