Two and a half kickoff times set [updated again]

We knew two days early that Saturday’s game vs. Texas A&M is scheduled for a 7:00 PM kickoff, because while I was watching ABC, the network scrolled the kickoff time across the bottom of the screen during the Ohio State vs. Penn State game.

Now we also know that the Baylor game will kickoff in Norman at 5:30 PM on November 10.

Our Events calendar has been updated with the gameday schedule for this weekend, and the tentative/standard schedule for next weekend as well. “The Pride performs and entirely new show this week, playing to the East (“Student”) side of the stadium at halftime.

Our current members also continue to prepare for the the Macy’s® Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City in just over three weeks; we’ll keep you updated with any opportunities for Pride and Sooner Spirit in the Big Apple as we get word of them.

Update #2: Now we also know that the Bedlam game on November 24 will kick off at either 2:30 PM or 7:00 PM in Norman, meaning that The Pride won’t have to face 6:00 AM rehearsal just two days after the Macy’s parade. Something else to be thankful for!

Away game #4: Iowa State

The lesson of Homecoming 2007? There is no such thing as “they have all the momentum” in our house. :-):

And quite a gameday, too—from The Pride appearing live on national television at 9:00 AM for ESPN College Gameday to rehearsal with the Alumni Band, the Homecoming Parade, and a four-quarter great Sooner homecoming game, that day just didn’t stop. Congrats to all members of The Pride (especially since they were back in uniform barely 12 hours later for the Oklahoma Centennial Parade on Sunday afternoon) and of the Alumni Band for a memorable Homecoming 2007. Fight for OKU is a great spirit song, and that West Side Story show is sounding awesome as well.

We’ve removed all of the schedule stuff from the home page to keep things a little clearer, but you can get to all of it anytime through the Homecoming 2007 link that you probably bookmarked. We’ll post any minutes of the business meeting or other documents as they’re made available.

Homecoming 2007 was the middle game of the seven played at Owen Field this season, and this Saturday’s game against Iowa State marks 2/3rds of the 12-game season. Our 6-1 Sooners travel to Ames for the last of the three games against Big 12 North conference opponents (OU has already played Colorado and Missouri), against the 1-6 Cyclones. (Iowa State beat Iowa on September 15 by a score of 15-13, but has lost every other game, including this past weekend to Texas 56-3.) The Pride will send a pep band to the north end of the conference to help cheer on the Sooners, who are ranked #5 in the first BCS rankings of the season, released earlier today.

Kickoff has been set for 11:30 AM CDT on Fox Sports Network regional channels, so check your local listings for the station on your cable or satellite system. After that, the Sooners get a bye week and can rest up for Texas A&M’s visit to Norman on November 3. There’s still a lot of football and marching left this season!

Gameday #4: OU vs. Missouri—Homecoming 2007!

Now that’s more like it! The river they’re crying in Austin may be named “Denial:” click on the thumbnail image to the right for a section of a screen capture from the Austin American-Statesman early Sunday morning and their headline about the game. Click here to download the entire article as a PDF file, for those of you with your own “Dewey Defeats Truman” collections.

(Hint: the final score was OU 28, Texas 21. The Statesman has since fixed the headline on the article, which may be found here, but the first version was priceless. Small problems with reality down there, folks?)

The Pride of Oklahoma entertained the crowd with a 50th anniversary tribute to West Side Story, which opened at Broadway’s famed Winter Garden Theatre on September 26, 1957. Bands are alloted less time at halftime than in 1985 when The Pride first wowed with Rod Harkins’ version of the show, so this year’s edition was closer to the 1997 version: Maria, Mambo (a newer arrangement that I think is rythmically even trickier than the 1985 version!), and Tonight.

And now it gets even harder. Coming up this week for our 4-1 (1-1) Sooners: The surprising, 5-0 (1-0) Missouri Tigers, who spanked Nebraska last night 41-6. This is also Homecoming 2007, as we hope you know, and we promise you that we will post the schedule items just as soon as people start retuning my constant cranky E-mails about it. Subscribe to the Events calendar in iCal or Windows Vista for automatic updates and you’ll know when we do!

It’s a full week for The Pride, too: in addition to homecoming and activities with alumni, the full band travels north on Sunday, October 14, to participate in the Oklahoma Centennial Parade, following a 1.5-mile route through downtown Oklahoma City. The parade also features the Cowboy Marching Band and several state high school bands, and will be telecast statewide on OETA.

Quite the schedule post-Texas, even as The Pride prepares for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in November in New York City, so we’ll do our best to make sure everything goes smoothly. Keep checking the Web site or subscribe to the RSS feeds for updates as we have them!

Homecoming 2007 Kickoff time: 5:30 PM!

We finally know kickoff time for the Homecoming 2007 game against Missouri: 5:30 PM CDT, televised regionally on Fox Sports Network. Now we can work on a Homecoming Weekend schedule and get it out to you ASAP!

Also, because both OU and Texas lost their games on September 29, ABC-TV has dropped the OU-Texas game to regional coverage: 27% of the country will see Iowa at Penn State instead, and 18% in the southeast get North Carolina State at Florida State. Everyone west of the Mississippi River (with exceptions in the eastern Dakotas, eastern Nebraska, and parts of northwestern Nebraska) will get the OU-Texas game in high-definition. See this map for the precise details.

We’ve updated the Events calendar with tentative times for some of the normal Gameday events: morning rehearsal, pre-game concert, pre-game performance, and so on. All of these are based on the normal gameday routine, but since it’s Homecoming, the Homecoming Parade and other activities may throw any of those off. We’ll update them as we have more concrete information, and we’ll add in the OUBAA events (the business meeting, luncheon, and so on) as those are set. The calendar updates immediately when we enter new info, and if you’ve subscribed to it in iCal or Windows Vista, you’ll get updates on your next refresh. Events for The Pride are prefixed “Pride:”, while those just for alumni are prefixed “Alumni:”, just to keep the two tracks clear.