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When people visit our little site from a search engine like Yahoo or Google, their question is usually provided when they click the link from the search engine. Unsurprisingly, we get a lot of people searching for common terms like “Sooners” and “OU Homecoming” and “Oklahoma Band,” but some of the questions are topical, and we thought we’d take a minute and try to answer a few of them.

How many people are in the OU Band?

I believe that the 2007 Pride of Oklahoma has 310 members, let’s say ±2%. This has been a typical size for the band in the past several years. Every member auditions every year (even section leaders, who audition in the spring semester as part of the leadership determination process).

Where does the OU band sit at the Texas game?

I actually did not know this, because you probably saw all the news stories saying that, “starting in 2007,” OU and Texas would alternate end zones each year. But we asked, and after all of the press and confusion, this year the answer is—no change whatsoever. The Pride will sit in bleachers on the stadium surface in the corner of the “South” end zone at the Cotton Bowl, just to your right as you come out of the tunnel. The Show Band of the Southwest occupies similar seats on the same sideline but behind the other (“north”) end zone. In other words, it’s just like it has been for the past several years. (The seats in the Cotton Bowl stadium were removed this year and replaced with benches, but the bands don’t occupy any of them.)

What are the lyrics to O.K. Oklahoma?

The full lyrics to O.K. Oklahoma are found on this page, where you’ll also find the story of the song, and a recording of its first-even performance on the NBC Red Radio Network from December 1, 1939.

Where can I find the trumpet part to Boomer Sooner?

Members of OUBAA can find parts to Boomer on this page. We have parts to some of the spirit tunes available here to assist Alumni Band members who want to practice before homecoming. However, these arrangements belong to the University of Oklahoma, and they’re not licensed for other uses or performances. If your group is interested in recordings or sheet music of OU-specific spirit songs, contact the OU Band Department for details on what is available.

Where is The Pride performing in Dallas this year?

The full Texas trip schedule has not been announced, but we’re told that The Pride will rehearse Friday morning in Pauls Valley, and perform Friday Night at a high school football game in Carrolton, among other pep and OU alumni events. The best way to keep track of public Pride performances (at least, the ones we track) is to check out our Events calendar. You can subscribe to it in iCal (Mac OS X) or Windows (Vista) Calendar and get all the latest updates automatically. Instructions are on the page. We’ll update it with details of Texas performances as they’re made available.

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