Away game #1: Sooners at Tulsa!

Last Saturday, in what we can only hope presages any contest between the Sooners and teams informally known as “Aggies,” OU defeated Utah State 54-3 in a bright afternoon game, with weather much more amenable to football than the dilapidated hurricane that blew through the previous week. The Sooners, now 3-0 (0-0 in conference play) are ranked #4 in both the AP and USA Today polls. The BCS computer rankings don’t treat OU as nicely, but many of them start at a “zero” point and level out only after six or seven games. That’s why official BCS rankings don’t start until October 14th, the day after Homecoming 2007.

Up next for the Sooners: the season’s first road trip, and it’s just up the Turner Turnpike! OU plays the University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane tomorrow night (yes, Friday night) at “Skelly Field at H.A. Chapman Stadium,” with kickoff scheduled for 7:00 PM CDT. The game will be broadcast nationally in HDTV on ESPN2. For Cox Cable customers in OKC, regular (standard definition) ESPN2 is on channel 28, and ESPN2 HD for digital customers is on channel 721. For DISH Network subscribers, standard ESPN2 is channel 144, and ESPN2 HD is channel 9425. DIRECTV customers can find ESPN2 standard on channel 209, and ESPN2 HD on channel 73.

The Pride of Oklahoma is travelling to the game—yup, the entire band—but it’s a standard “away” game, so the Pride will perform only in the stands and during halftime (sorry, Tulsa-area fans and alums, no on-field pregame this year). Our Events calendar has details of a quick rehearsal in Norman on Friday morning and the times when The Pride will enter Chapman Stadium for those who want to turn out and support our members in red and white. The game is sold out, and Chapman Stadium has a capacity of just 35,542 seats (they actually reduced it in the 1990s by tearing down the North End Zone bleachers to build a new training complex), so ESPN2 may provide the best seats. The Pride will perform both drill and concert tunes at halftime.

Oh, and one week from tonight, the fall semester concert ensembles will perform at Catlett Music Center. We’ll have more on that for you this weekend, after the game. Boomer Sooner!