2007 Gameday Procedures

If you haven’t been to a game in a while, click the above link to read all about parking, new concession areas for 2007, new women’s restrooms, new scoreboard (video boards over both pregame tunnels!), tailgating policies, and lots more.

And just to make sure you don’t miss pre-game:


Sooner Fan Fest, presented by The Oklahoman and Cox Communications, is an interactive area located on the grounds directly north of the stadium. The event is free to the public and includes food vendors, games for children, autograph opportunities, radio pre-game shows and Go Vision, a 20 foot video board that will display games from around the country. Sooner Fan Fest opens three hours prior to kickoff and closes when the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band enters the stadium [f]or [the] start of the game.

And what precedes entering the stadium? The parade!

Band Route: This season, the Pride of Oklahoma’s pre-game activities will include a concert on the lawn area just north of Jacobsen Hall, directly across from Campus Corner. The concert will begin one hour and thirty minutes prior to kick off. Additionally, on all home game dates, the Pride will parade to the stadium and will pass through Campus Corner, with the exception of the Homecoming game vs. Missouri on October 13.

Of course, you won’t miss it during Homecoming, because you’ll be entering the stadium in preparation for playing, right? Of course! See you there!

Here’s a thing! (Updated)

It’s a 3D model of Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, made with Google Sketchup, so you can play around with it in all three dimensions in that free program or in Google Earth, where it appears exactly in place, with the south practice fields and Section 29 and everything. Show your friends where you sat, although the view is more exciting with actual football on the field!

Update: Yes, section 29—despite concerns from last year about moving seating, and this year’s NCAA rules change talking about team “pass-throughs,” Mr. Britt confirms that Pride seating in Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is unchanged from last year. Whew!

For bonus points, see if you can find the NCAA rule change inspired by the debacle that was the OU v. Oregon game of September 16, 2006. Fun for all football fans!

Pride Parents’ Day is September 16

Via OU Bands

Pride Parents’ Day will take place on September 15 when the Sooners take on Utah State. Parents’ Day is an opportunity for all Pride members’ parents to take part in a gameday experience with their son or daughter. A schedule and order forms were mailed to the home address we have on file on Thursday, August 16. You may also download the information in PDF format if you did not receive the mailing. Please note that these items are very time sensitive so complete them today! We would like everyone to be able to participate! We look forward to seeing you on the 15th. Boomer Sooner!

The loaded up-front schedule makes time a problem in planning these things, especially with our 2007 Pride of Oklahoma just announced five days ago and busily preparing for the first game in under two weeks, so if you’re a Pride Parent this year, get this material in ASAP!

“Activision Reports Sluggish Sales For Sousaphone Hero”

The Onion, “America’s Finest News Source,” reports that Activision only sold 52 copies of this sequel to Guitar Hero nationwide in its first week of availability:

Sousaphone Hero offers two dozen public-domain marches, including 1893’s “The Liberty Bell,” 1896’s “Stars and Stripes Forever,” and 1897’s “Entry of the Gladiators.” The bulky sousaphone-shaped controller coils around the body, and players wear white spat-like foot coverings fitted with sensors that monitor synchronized marching steps. As with the fret buttons on Guitar Hero‘s guitar peripheral, the sousaphone controller’s three valves are color-coded to match on-screen notes the player must hit.

So don’t count on weekends with your Xbox 360 and Sousaphone Hero to get in shape for homecoming!