Big Red in the Big Apple!

November just got a lot more exciting for the 2007 Pride of Oklahoma!

On November 22, just six days after Oklahoma’s Centennial, The Pride will be in New York City as the state’s representative in the 81st annual Macy’s® Thanksgiving Day Parade! That’s right – the one with the balloons, Miracle on 34th Street, Al Roker, and everything else. Great thanks to the Oklahoma Centennial Commission and university administration for helping with the cost of such a tremendous opportunity.

We’ll try to keep you updated with any ways you can help or support the Pride in New York. A quick look at the November 2007 events calendar shows that it’s going to be an intense month: OU plays at Texas Tech on Saturday, November 17. Very shortly thereafter, The Pride travels to New York City to prepare for the Macy’s Parade on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22. Then just two days later, it’s bedlam as OU hosts OSU at Owen Field – and that could easily be an 11:00 AM CST kickoff for ABC Sports, too! (The Big 12 Championship game is just one week later in San Antonio, to boot.)

And we still haven’t seen a definitive announcement about the date for Homecoming 2007! This page from the OU Alumni Association strongly implies that it’s been chosen for October 13, but our event calendar had OU at Missouri on that day – but now, says the Sooners host the Tigers on that day, so it might be Homecoming 2007. At least it appears that it won’t be in November! Stay tuned here for news and information as we get it, and BOOMER SOONER!