2008 football schedule posted

…and it includes another Friday night game at Tulsa, for everyone in the northeast part of Oklahoma. It’s the only game for which we currently have a scheduled kick-off time: 7:00 PM, telecast on ESPN2.

Gregg Easterbrook may finally have a point – after years of complaining that “football factory schools like Oklahoma” play more home games than away games by counting the Texas game as a “home” game in even-numbered years, Oklahoma this year actually does play more games in Norman than at other places – three non-conference home games before Tulsa, one home game the week after Texas, then one road trip and three conference games at home, for a total of seven games at Owen Field. We don’t know which game will be Homecoming 2007 yet, though. (Or, at least, I don’t.)

Note that as of this schedule, OU vs. OSU is still slated for October 27 in Norman. Last year, this game was moved to Thanksgiving weekend sometime in April or May, so it may yet change. If it doesn’t change, the Sooners (and The Pride) not only have seven home games, they have no “bye” weeks during the regular season – they’d just have Thanksgiving weekend off before a hopeful Big 12 Championship appearance.

The full band travels to Tulsa and Texas, so that’s at least 9 games out of 12 for The Pride in 2007 – yow! It’s going to be a busy fall!

The full football schedule is part of the “events calendar,” both online and on your own desktop, so check that out if you haven’t.