Sports updates!

Because the next best thing to sports are sports updates, right?

  1. Basketball: As many of you may have learned via E-mail, Showmen Alumni are invited to play at one of two games next week while The Pride and its staff are on the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl trip. Trent Davis is again leading the alumni opportunity for these two games:

    • Thursday, Dec 28:
      OU Men’s BB vs. SMU, Lloyd Noble Arena (tip-off time: 7:00 PM)

    • Saturday, Dec 30:
      OU Women’s BB vs. New Mexico, Cox Convention Center, OKC (tip-off time: 2:00 PM)

    If you’re interested in performing at either or both BB games, contact Jeff Jahnke or Trent Davis to confirm or ask any questions.

  2. Football: Today, the Big 12 Conference released the football conference schedule for 2008-2015. Some of the dates may be changed for television, of course, and all eight OU vs. OSU games are listed for a two-day span, as they could be played on either the Friday or the Saturday after Thanksgiving in any given year. There are a couple of glitches on the page, too (they have OU hosting Colorado two consecutive years, and the November 2013 game at Nebraska has no date, although they mean “November 2, 2013”).

    Nonetheless, we have entered these games and their locations on our online calendar. To view it online in your Web browser, click here; to subscribe to it in a program like iCal, Now Up-to-Date, or Windows Vista calendar, click here instead. (Subscribing is better if you can do it, because that way, your own calendar program automatically picks up any changes we make to the schedule.)

The 36th Annual Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, in which BCS #8 Boise State takes on BCS #10 Oklahoma, is on the FOX Television Network (not Fox Sports Network, the regional cable/satellite stuff, but the broadcast one where you find 24 and The Simpsons) on January 1, 2007. Coverage begins at 7:00 PM CST, and will be available nationwide in high-definition. We’ll post opportunities to see and hear The Pride of Oklahoma in Arizona as we’re aware of them.

Boomer Sooner! and a happy intersession to you all. :-):