OU 36, Baylor 10

[Update (24 Nov): With Texas losing to A&M 12-7 this afternoon, our Sooners control their own destiny for the first time since the Red River Rivalry. If OU defeats OSU Saturday afternoon, OU wins the Big 12 South with a 7-1 conference record, ahead of Texas at 6-2. If Texas wins, Texas and OU are co-champs of hte south division, but Texas gets the Big 12 championship berth because they win the tie-breaker by having won the OU-Texas game.

OSU still has a lot to play for – right now, the Big 12 has nine bowl-eligible teams, but there are only eight Big 12 bowls. Unless the BCS takes a second Big 12 team as an at-large bid, one of the two eligible teams with the worst records will not get a bowl invitation. That’s either Kansas or OSU. Both are 6-5 right now, both play tomorrow, and if one goes 7-4 and one goes 6-5, the latter is the one that won’t get a bowl invitation. OSU can’t guarantee a bowl invitation with a win, but they vastly increase the chances of staying home with a loss. It’s going to be bedlam.]

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Although there’s no taking anyone in the Big 12 for granted this year, the Sooners were expected to defeat the Baylor Bears, and they lived up to those expectations. Saturday’s victory pushes Oklahoma to 9-2 (6-1 in conference play), and a clear second-place in the Big 12 South division.

The Pride took a pep band to Waco to support the Sooners during this penultimate game, and if you saw it on FSN, you saw them several times. I did see the Baylor Band a few times, but since the TV networks tend to show the bands after their teams make big plays, well…

The final game of the season will indeed be bedlam (and not, as FSN’s on-screen graphics spelled it, “bedlem”). The Sooners and the entire Pride of Oklahoma travel to Stillwater next Saturday for the in-state showdown that finishes the season for both teams. The Cowboys lost to Texas Tech on Saturday in Stillwater, 24-30, putting them at 6-5 overall and 3-4 in conference play. While OSU is already bowl-eligible with six wins, so is Kansas, and there may not be enough bowl games for both the Cowboys and the Jayhawks. OSU really needs to finish 7-5 to be certain of a bowl game – and the only way they can accomplish that now is to win the bedlam game.

The Sooners, of course, may be playing for the Big 12 South championship itself – as almost everyone now knows, if Texas A&M beats Texas on Friday, then an OU victory in Stillwater means the Sooners play Nebraska on December 2 for the Big 12 Championship and a Fiesta Bowl berth. Both teams have a lot to win, on top of the already insane OU-OSU rivalry, so hang on to your plumes!

By vote of the members of the Pride of Oklahoma, the band will perform this year’s movie show at halftime, including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Mask of Zorro, and The Chronicles of Narnia (although it might be shorter if there are time restrictions – I have no information on that just yet).

The game will be telecast nationally by FSN, in high-definition where available, at 1:30 PM on November 25. The Texas A&M @ Texas game kicks off at 2:30 PM on the previous day on ABC, so Gig ‘Em Ags!

What’s your favorite OU-OSU memory as a member of the Pride of Oklahoma? Post your response in the comments!