OU 17, Texas A&M 16

Before any A&M fans complain about bad calls:

  1. Getting the football >< that close to the goal line was a touchdown by the Big 12’s standard for OU @ Texas Tech in November 2005, and I didn’t hear any of you claiming OU got robbed then;

  2. The next A&M touchdown came after 30 yards in OU penalties that were technically correct but uncalled at least 99.9% of the time (including on A&M for the rest of this game); and

  3. You knew exactly what OU was going to do on that 4th down late in the game because our Sooners accidentally ran the play just before the time-out, and not only did you not stop the offense, you let Paul Thompson gain more yards than in the previous play, and you explained what “Home of the 12th Man” really means. Your defense had the best chance it could ask for to win the game and it didn’t. Sorry, but that means you don’t win.

Yes, I feel much better now. Thanks for asking. Photos of The Pride of Oklahoma‘s two-day trip to Houston and College Station are now online, if you want to check out how the tradition continues! Good luck to A&M in the rest of its schedule, too – hosting Nebraska at 2:30 PM on Saturday (on ABC), and at Austin on the day after Thanksgiving to play Texas at 11:30 AM (also on ABC).

Up next for our 7-2 Sooners: the final home game of the 2006 season, hosting Texas Tech this Saturday night at Owen Field. Kickoff is at 6 PM, as previously and almost presciently noted. The 6-4 Red Raiders are now 3-3 in the Big 12, and if the BCS went that far, would probably be ranked about #55 compared to our #17 Sooners.

Texas Tech is already bowl-eligible at 6-4, but with only two games remaining (@OU this weekend, hosting OSU on November 18), BCS expert Jerry Palm is predicting they won’t win both and will be invited to the Insight Bowl in Phoenix on December 29. (Palm currently predicts OU will be invited to the Cotton Bowl on January 1 to face – believe it or not – Auburn.)

As the final home game, it’s also Senior Day for the team and The Pride, as well as Dad’s Parents’ Day for the entire student body. Per tradition, the seniors on the team will be recognized individually before the game, and seniors in The Pride will be recognized en masse at the end of halftime, so be sure you’re there to applaud if you have tickets! The band’s gameday schedule will be available by mid-week if you want to come out and support the ones in uniform, and we hope you will.

The full band travels to Stillwater on November 25th for the OSU game that ends the regular season. Unless OU wins out and Texas loses both of its next two games (@ KSU, hosting A&M), the Sooners can’t play for the conference championship on December 2 in Kansas City. (It would be the first Big 12 championship game of the Stoops era at Arrowhead Stadium that didn’t include the Sooners, so who knows? That’s why they play the games.) If there is no conference championship in the cards this year, the OSU game will be followed only by the bowl game that invites the Sooners. If OU wins out, the Cotton Bowl seems likely; if not, the Holiday or Alamo Bowls are both eager to invite the Sooners.

If anyone’s interested in keeping up a column like this for OU basketball (men’s or women’s, tracking either or both basketball bands), let me know – we could use more year-round band talk on here! Boomer Sooner!