OU 10, Texas…

…well, I’ve lost interest before the rest. We’re still Sooners and they’re still moocows and that’s that.

As has become a Cotton Bowl tradition, The Pride debuted the 2006 movie show at halftime, scandalously untelevised by ABCSports ESPN on ABC. I hinted two weeks ago that it was the “something of something else” show, and now those who paid attention know why:

  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thives
  • The Mask of Zorro
  • The Chronicles of Narnia

A full five pages of photos from all of The Pride’s non-Cotton Bowl performances (including at Durant, the high school game, the alumni dance, and the band’s own party) are now online.

Up next for our 3-2 Sooners: the Big 12 conference home opener against a traditional Big 8 opponent: the Iowa State Cyclones. It’s the Big 12 Game of the Week on FSN, which means kickoff at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is at 11:30 AM. Yes, that’s right, it’s Marching In The Dark for the Pride’s Saturday morning 6:30 AM rehearsal! Woo-hoo! The band will perform the movie show on Owen Field for the first time, and there is limited ticket availability, so grab yours now if you want to see the show (since FSN is as unlikely to show any of it on the air as ESPN on ABC was).

For those still wondering about BCS possibilities: to obtain the Big 12 South division championship, OU would have to win out (that is, no more conference losses), and Texas would have to lose two more (conference) games. Barring that, the best the Sooners can finish is 2nd in the South, with options of the Cotton, Holiday, and Alamo Bowls – but there’s a lot of football left this year, and we all know how the orange folks tend to blow their best chances (except last year, but that’s been scientifically verified as a fluke).

The Pride’s gameday schedule is now available with this Saturday’s rehearsal and performance times. Also note that homecoming kickoff time has been set for 6:00 PM on October 21, so your OUBAA officers can now start building out the rest of the day’s schedule. Stay tuned to our site for all the rapidly developing Homecoming 2006 news!