OU 26, Missouri 10

OU hadn’t won on the road this year, Missouri hadn’t lost its last eight games at home, and Saturday’s OU-Missouri game was the only match between two ranked teams all day (though, undoubtedly, some people are reconsidering Oregon State’s ranking right about now). It might have been a close game had Missouri not made so many mistakes – OU scored all 26 of its points off of Tiger mistakes, winning the game handily 26-10.

The Pride took a 100-piece pep band to the game, and ABC had them miked pretty well – I heard more of the pep band than I did the Missouri band, which seems to be ABC’s way if OU is winning. (From the Cotton Bowl, I thought ABC showed a lot more of the Texas band.)

It was a long trip for an 11:00 AM game, but the traveling has only started. The full 314-member Pride of Oklahoma travels to College Station, TX, this weekend for the OU vs. Texas A&M game – and ABC announced late yesterday that it has chosen a 7:00 PM kickoff time (almost guaranteeing HDTV coverage). Our current keepers of tradition will appear at some pep & alumni events in the Houston area on Friday night, so that makes it a very long Saturday, followed by a big game and a long ride home, arriving back in Norman barely in time for some church services. Keep your eye on the band’s Web site for potential ways we can help them out!

The Aggies and the Sooners are #2 and #3, respectively, in the Big 12 South – the Aggies are 4-1 in conference play and the Sooners are 3-1. (Everyone else in the Big 12 started conference play on September 28, the original date of the OU-OSU game. Since that was moved to November 25, both OU and OSU have one fewer conference game than everyone else until that day, literally the end of the regular season.) If OU wins on Saturday night, the Sooners will finish at least second in the Big 12 South even if they should lose one more game and A&M wins out, because both teams would then finish with 6-2 conference records and OU wins the tie-breaker by winning this Saturday night. (It also works the other way around, but we don’t like to think about that.)

Texas came back to win a conference game for the second time in two weeks and remains on top of the division at 5-0. For the Sooners to win the Big 12 South, OU has to win out and Texas has to lose two of its last three games – hosting OSU on Saturday, traveling to KSU on November 11, and hosting A&M on the day after Thanksgiving. My third rule of college football is “never underestimate the ability of the team in orange to choke,” but it does seem like a long-shot.

In the Big 12 North, both Missouri and Nebraska lost yesterday, giving both of them 3-2 conference records, ahead of KSU at 2-3, KU and CU at 1-4, and poor Iowa State at 0-5. Missouri plays Nebraska next weekend in the 11:00 AM ABC game, and the winner will almost certainly capture the Big 12 North crown, playing the South division winner (likely Texas) in the championship game in Kansas City on December 2 at 7 PM. (This would be the first conference championship game of the Stoops era to be played in Arrowhead Stadium without The Pride of Oklahoma present, so don’t rule fate out yet!)

The Sooners have four games left, and the full Pride will be at three of them – at A&M this Saturday, back at Owen Field on November 11 for the final home game of the season vs. Texas Tech (it’s Senior Day and Dad’s Day Parents’ Day), and in Stillwater on November 25 – plus, very likely, a bowl game since the 6-2 Sooners are now bowl-eligible. If they run the table, a Cotton Bowl berth seems likely; one additional loss might set up a Holiday Bowl rematch with our old friends the Oregon Ducks. It’s also still possible that the Sooners could go to the Alamo Bowl for the first time – Jerry Palm, who runs the invaluable CollegeBCS.com site (a great use of $15 if you love tracking college football), still projects the Alamo Bowl will host a rematch of the Jan 1, 1986 Orange Bowl – Penn State vs. Oklahoma. (I was at that game when the Sooners won the national championship – anyone else?)

I’m aware we’re having a bit of trouble in some cases with logging in and out of this Web site – if you’re logged in at home or on a computer you control, try not to log out because you may not be able to, or may not be able to log in. If you’re not logged in, you may not be able to do so for now. We have a support ticket in and hope to have a solution very soon. In the meantime – BOOMER SOONER!

OU 24, Colorado 3!

Was that fun, in a refrigerated kind of way, or what?

Over 130 marching alumni joined the 314-member Pride of Oklahoma for Homecoming 2006 in Norman yesterday, and it was a semi-arctic blast.

After a joint rehearsal on the south practice field in the late morning, The Pride of Oklahoma went on to perform in OU’s annual (and very long!) homecoming parade and the traditional pre-game concert before marching through Campus Corner and on to Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Meanwhile, alumni from all over the world (and Mars, or so I heard) went on to a business meeting and lunch.

Then everyone got together at the stadium, where proud Pride Alumni marched before the traditional Pride pre-game show, and joined the Pride on the field again at halftime for “a traditional counter-march to Boomer Sooner!” If you didn’t have a good time at this game, then you don’t deserve football in your life. :-):

The photo album from homecoming, with 186 photos from the day and the game, is available online here.The band department places all of these photos in the public domain unless otherwise marked, so feel free to use and enjoy them any way you see fit! (If you resell them, you’ll probably need permission of any individuals prominently featured unless they’re public figures, but if you resell these kinds of things, you probably already knew that.)

Share your thoughts in our homecoming 2006 discussion, and check out the permanent Homecoming 2006 News for follow-ups from the weekend that may come in the future, like minutes from the business meeting. And if you’re the future-minded source, you can go ahead and bookmark the new Homecoming 2007 News page!

Up next for the Sooners: a road trip to Columbia to take on the 7-1 (3-1 in the Big 12) Missouri Tigers, for an 11AM CDT kickoff on ABC ESPN on ABC. One of the regional games on the network at that time will be broadcast in HDTV, but as of today, we don’t know which one it will be. The Tigers lead the Big 12 North division, ahead of Nebraska (also 3-1 in conference play, but 6-2 overall). If the Sooners prevail, Nebraska will most likely win the North division unless they lose to Missouri on November 4 in Lincoln. (Nebraska travels to Stillwater this Saturday.)

The Pride takes a pep band to Missouri for the early early kickoff, so listen for them on TV! Can you believe there’s only one home game left – November 11, when the Sooners host Texas Tech for Dad’s Parent’s Day? The full Pride still has three more regular-season games ahead, though – at College Station on November 4 and, of course, in Stillwater on November 25. If Texas loses two conference games (as they very nearly lost one on Saturday), OU could still play for the conference championship, and while you shouldn’t buy tickets to Kansas City yet, we know better than to rule anything out, don’t we? Boomer Sooner!

OU 34, ISU 9 – it’s homecoming week!

What’s 4-2 minus 28? Our Sooners earned their first Big 12 Conference victory at home on Saturday by defeating Iowa State 34-9, but running back Adrian Peterson broke his collarbone on his final touchdown run of the game in the 3rd quarter, taking him out for the rest of the regular season. The Sooners are now 4-2 overall and 1-1 in conference play, tied for fourth in the Big 12 South. (Yeah, that sounds bad, tied with OSU for fourth and ahead only of Texas Tech which is now 1-2 in conference play, but that’s because Texas, Texas A&M, and Baylor have all played three conference games already, so they all have more conference wins. Texas leads at 3-1, followed by Baylor and A&M tied for second at 2-1 each.)

The Pride performed the home debut of this year’s movie show, officially titled “The Quest” for its action-movie theme. The show also included a performance of a new Roland Barrett arrangement of the Oklahoma Centennial Anthem, Oklahoma Rising, by Jimmy Webb and Vince Gill. The crowd was invited to sing along, and even though the tune is so new that a lot of people seemed a bit hesitant to vocalize, it was quite nice. The Pride’s Iowa State photo album is now online, too.

And now it’s homecoming week! From the OU symphonic winds concert tonight to the first alumni rehearsal Friday night, the information will come fast. Kickoff vs. Colorado is at 6PM, with the game televised by Fox Sports Network. The Sooners are facing the loss of Peterson and (perhaps – not clear right now) Rufus Alexander, while the Buffaloes finally woke up this past week, handing Texas Tech a 30-6 loss in Boulder and looking to go 2-2 in conference play on television. Vigorous support for the Sooners is required!

We will post the Friday-Saturday alumni schedule as soon as we have it. In the meantime, our online calendars have The Pride‘s schedule already, including joint events like morning rehearsal and the game itself (the rest are marked “[PRIDE]” to help distinguish them from OUBAA events). You can view Saturday’s schedule by itself by clicking this link.

Please keep checking the Web site for the latest information so you’re fully prepared, informed, and ready for a fantastic day of rehearsal, events, and Homecoming 2006 performances and victory!

OU 10, Texas…

…well, I’ve lost interest before the rest. We’re still Sooners and they’re still moocows and that’s that.

As has become a Cotton Bowl tradition, The Pride debuted the 2006 movie show at halftime, scandalously untelevised by ABCSports ESPN on ABC. I hinted two weeks ago that it was the “something of something else” show, and now those who paid attention know why:

  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thives
  • The Mask of Zorro
  • The Chronicles of Narnia

A full five pages of photos from all of The Pride’s non-Cotton Bowl performances (including at Durant, the high school game, the alumni dance, and the band’s own party) are now online.

Up next for our 3-2 Sooners: the Big 12 conference home opener against a traditional Big 8 opponent: the Iowa State Cyclones. It’s the Big 12 Game of the Week on FSN, which means kickoff at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is at 11:30 AM. Yes, that’s right, it’s Marching In The Dark for the Pride’s Saturday morning 6:30 AM rehearsal! Woo-hoo! The band will perform the movie show on Owen Field for the first time, and there is limited ticket availability, so grab yours now if you want to see the show (since FSN is as unlikely to show any of it on the air as ESPN on ABC was).

For those still wondering about BCS possibilities: to obtain the Big 12 South division championship, OU would have to win out (that is, no more conference losses), and Texas would have to lose two more (conference) games. Barring that, the best the Sooners can finish is 2nd in the South, with options of the Cotton, Holiday, and Alamo Bowls – but there’s a lot of football left this year, and we all know how the orange folks tend to blow their best chances (except last year, but that’s been scientifically verified as a fluke).

The Pride’s gameday schedule is now available with this Saturday’s rehearsal and performance times. Also note that homecoming kickoff time has been set for 6:00 PM on October 21, so your OUBAA officers can now start building out the rest of the day’s schedule. Stay tuned to our site for all the rapidly developing Homecoming 2006 news!