Pride CD winners!

Oh boy, this was harder to judge than we’d expected! If you didn’t read all the great stories about Pride experiences, click here and read them now – you missed out!

I loved the stories about the Halloween shows and the one about trying to use string as yardlines for practice (ouch!), but the contest description clearly said that we were looking for (emphasis added):

…the best stories about their first OU game as members of the Pride of Oklahoma.

As much fun as those stories were, they weren’t “first game” stories and we had to pass them by – but you have our thanks for sharing them!

And the winner – OK, I can’t decide, winners – are:

  • John Hudson for “I’m glad Coach didn’t see me pick up my slide that I dropped” (and by the way, John, Coach wants to see you in his office next week about that&hellip)

  • Jay ‘Jamie’ Jones for “I told Coach I picked up my mouthpiece and he said ‘Next time, just leave it'”

  • Terri for “He’s not supposed to do that with the pylon, is he?” (No. No, he’s not.)

Congratulations to all three, and thanks to everyone who entered. This was so much fun that we’re going to do it again shortly, but this time for current Pride “Rah-Rah” CDs, so watch the site for the next contest announcement!