We get search requests

A sample of the search engine requests that brought people to this Web site on Sunday, August 20, 2006:

OK Oklahoma fight song (via FireFox’s built-in Google search)

I won’t judge how official anything is, but if you’ve never read the story behind O.K. Oklahoma, or heard the original 1939 debut on the NBC radio network, read the story O.K. Oklahoma at 65. (I updated the audio file tonight with a version that’s easier to hear, and that’s hosted on a faster server, so listen and enjoy!)

OU first football game 2006

See here. The Pride of Oklahoma‘s first performance, however, will be this Thursday, August 24, at the Big Red Rally.

big red rally ou 2006

Ah, someone asked about that, too! No wonder – pay no attention to the Big Red Rally Web Page on OU’s site, as it has not been updated in two years. Shame, shame. And we’re volunteer labor here! (It is described on the schedule for Howdy Week 2006, though – it starts at 5:30 PM in Our Favorite Stadium.)

el toro caliente Ohio State Band

Can’t say anything about “TBDBITL” (always up for debate in these parts, tho no offense intended), but The Pride performed Dr. Roland Barrett’s arrangement of Scott Boerma’s El Toro Caliente in both 2002 and 2005. Pride alums who can tell good stories about their first OU game in uniform can still win the 2005 CD with that recording on it, if they don’t dawdle.

pride of oklahoma alumni (via FireFox’s built-in Google search)

That’s us! Hope you found everything you wanted – if not, post a question and someone is bound to know something.