Big XII Conference Announces New Band Seating Rules

Yesterday, the Big XII Commissioner announced new regulations regarding band seating relative to visiting teams (see URL to story). This mandate is optional for this year, but must be implemented next year. This issue was mentioned in passing last year, so it is not a complete surprise. However, no indication was given about the timeline for the implementation of this policy. Now that we know what the new conference rule is, and the timeline for its implementation, we can get to work on finding a positive solution. During the past five years I have had the privilege of serving as the Director of The Pride, our Athletic Department has consistently demonstrated that they value the contribution of our organization to the Sooner game day atmosphere. We are confident that working together we will find an amenable solution to any changes necessitated by this conference mandate.

We appreciate the support of our band alumni very much. In this situation the best support of all will be for people to keep their composure until all the facts are on the table. Let’s see what we can work out before becoming angry or jumping to conclusions. We will keep you posted as discussions progress and decisions are reached. Thanks for helping us get this done in a positive manner. We appreciate your trust and support.

Boomer Sooner!

Brian Britt,
Director of The Pride of Oklahoma