Kyle Wiemar, the 2004-2005 drum major for the Pride of Oklahoma, appeared on the March 17, 2006 airing of the syndicated game show Wheel of Fortune, taped on January 12, and won $42,226 worth of prizes, including a Jeep Wrangler worth $23,970, and a vacation in the Cayman Islands!

Kyle made it to the bonus round by beating a University of Texas student by only $256!

I wish we’d had advance warning; the show aired at 6:30 PM on KOCO-TV/DT in Oklahoma City tonight. You can go here to read Kyle’s “contestant diary” on the Wheel of Fortune site and see how it all came about.

Trivia: Kyle’s friend in the audience, Eric Shannon, was elected as drum major for the 2006 Pride of Oklahoma this fall, succeeding Kyle – but since the show was taped on January 12, before the band banquet, they didn’t know that yet!

Congratulations, Kyle!