“Band Specific” Security Info from Brian Britt


We are sure looking forward to this weekend. It will be fun to see the Alumni Band during pregame, and the current Pride students are very enthusiastic about our combined performance at halftime.

  • All instrument cases will be brought in through Gate 1 for morning practice on Saturday. No instrument or case should leave the stadium after this point until AFTER the game.
  • Once the rehearsal has concluded instruments can be stored in cases in the football practice area at the south end of the stadium complex. (The Alumni Band Equipment Truck will be located on the practice field for this purpose.) This will eliminate the security problem of instruments passing in and out of the stadium once the security/safety sweep has been conducted. To reiterate, no cases in or out following the conclusion of rehearsal.
  • Anyone taking their instrument out of the stadium following practice will not be able to get it back into the stadium.
    Everyone will need to go to the practice area to get their equipment prior to pregame and halftime performances (if they are not seated with the alumni band). NOTE: We are working to arrange storage for the large instruments in or near the tunnels and will share that info on Saturday.
  • Alumni band members with tickets elsewhere in the stadium (not in band seating area) should plan to leave their instruments in the practice area during the game to ensure that their instrument is not interfering with other fans’ ability to see the game and also to ensure that it doesn’t get played on during the game as per conference regulations.

We hope that everyone understands the importance of complying with these procedures to help us support the security measures being undertaken by our law enforcement officials. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.


Boomer Sooner!


Brian Britt
Director of The Pride of Oklahoma
The University of Oklahoma Marching Band
Catlett Music Center
500 W Boyd St
Norman, OK 73019