“100 Years of Pride” in The Oklahoman

A Chris Schultz article on Terri Cooter’s 100 Years of Pride book appeared in today’s “South” section of The Oklahoman. You can read it online; here’s an excerpt:

NORMAN — When the University of Oklahoma’s band was born in 1904, it didn’t quite have 76 trombones — it had a total of eight members.

Now, the Pride of Oklahoma has about 320 members and has compiled a century’s worth of memories, says Terri Cooter, a former band member who is turning some of those memories into a book. Cooter, who played the trumpet for the Pride from 1978 to 1982, has spent 10 years sorting through memorabilia and writing the book, which is being called “100 Years of Pride.” The book is expected to be ready later this month or early in June. Of the $65 purchase price, $10 is to go into a scholarship fund for future band members.

Don’t forget to order your own copy if you haven’t already!