Why They’re Called That

The tradition continues. From Sunday’s Norman Transcript:

Former editor Jane Bryant forwarded a message from Lisa Hall, an OU fan from Tallahassee, who attended the game and then went home to help serve the OU band a meal as they made their way back to Oklahoma.

I wanted to share a special ‘hug’ our Tallahassee Sooners got yesterday as we licked our wounds after a long drive back from Miami. We had been asked to help make arrangements to feed the Pride of Oklahoma dinner as they passed through on their way back to Norman.

A local high school football booster group was more than happy to take on the project, arranging the catering and providing the facility to handle 340 hungry college students. Talk about a group of kids who needed a hug. They’d suffered through the game – and then a bus breakdown in Orlando that delayed their dinner stop until 10 last night. Yet they represented their school and their state with grace and dignity that is truly rare.

I’ve never seen such sincere expression of appreciation and gratitude for a warm welcome and show of support. The high school boosters were absolutely stunned by their courtesy and conduct. We had hoped to cheer them up – but we were the ones who came away cheered and so extremely proud to be associated with a University that is defined not just by a football team, but by the outstanding young people it serves.

Brian Britt read this letter at the 2005 Pride of Oklahoma Band Banquet.