Second Showmen Alumni opportunity vs. Alabama!

Alumni Needed for 2nd game on Saturday, December 31(New Year’s Eve) at
4 p.m. versus nationally ranked Alabama.

Travel distance from San Diego will prevent current Showmen members in the Pride of Oklahoma from returning to Norman in time for this important basketball game.

If you have registered for the game on Dec. 28 And can also perform on the 31st, simply Contact Trent Davis and indicate that you are willing to do so. Thank you!

Contact & Registration: Trent Davis, Director of Bands at Norman North High School will serve as Showmen Director. Contact Trent to register. There is no cost to register. Please indicate what instrument and part you play.

Deadline For Registration: Monday, December 19

Important Note: Due to stringent security regulations at Lloyd Noble Center, you must register with Trent so that we can submit an official personnel register. Persons not registered will not be admitted to the game.

Quick Details:

Music: We will provide music for you to use. Music will come from the current Showmen Music Book arranged by Roland Barrett.
Uniform: Wear a white dress shirt, khaki pants and black shoes. We will supply Showmen Shell for the game.
Schedule: Since this is the second alumni opportunity, we’ll have a shorter rehearsal, practicing for 30 minutes, 90 minutes before tip-off.
1:45 PM Arrive South Parking Lot – Lloyd Noble Center
Enter through doors via South ramp/Security Checkpoint (ID will be required)
Rehearsal will take place in the Women’s Practice Gym (to your left as you enter LNC)
2:00 to 2:30 PM Rehearse like a champion! Discover if you’ve still got it! Socialize with old friends!
3:00 PM Transition to court
3:30 PM Pre-game performance!
4:00 PM Tip-off!
6:00 PM Game over – Sooners win!
Reminisce further with friends at local establishments…

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It’s official: OU vs. Oregon in the Holiday Bowl!

The Pacific Life Holiday Bowl kicks off at 5PM PT (7PM CT) on December 29, and will be broadcast nationally on ESPN (and in high-definition on ESPN HD). Our Sooners, who won eight games and lost three to end the season with a 7-4 record (grumble Lubbock grumble), finished as #24 in the BCS Rankings.

They’ll play BCS #5 team Oregon, the same team they’ll visit in September 2006. BCS rules give Ohio State an automatic berth for finishing #4, and they also give Notre Dame an automatic berth if any team qualifies as Ohio State did and Notre Dame finishes in the BCS top ten, or wins at least 9 non-exempt games. Since Notre Dame finished #6 and went 9-2, they get the last automatic bid, and #5 Oregon is left out despite finishing ahead of the Fighting Irish in the standings.

That gives our Sooners a real test in San Diego against one of the best teams in the country in front of a national audience. Our Pride of Oklahoma will also have plenty of opportunities to shine, including the “Battle of the Bands” on December 28, a “Battle of the University Bands” on game day (after a parade that may include the Pride as well), and of course, the bowl game itself.

Click any of those links for registration/ticket details, and click here for a list of all Holiday Bowl events in San Diego. The OU Athletics Ticket Office is taking calls right now from season ticket holders only for Holiday Bowl tickets, and will open tomorrow (Monday) for other season ticket bowl ticket sales. OU will start selling any remaining Holiday Bowl tickets to the general public on Tuesday. The Holiday Bowl itself sells tickets here.

If you’re planning events in San Diego that involve Pride Alumni, be sure to post here and let us know, and contact Rita Heath as well so we can pass the word along.

And if you’ve never seen the Oregon Marching Band’s uniforms, designed in 2003 by university sponsor Nike to match the team’s jerseys, click here, but don’t have any liquid in your mouth. They are…unusual.

Sooners vs. Ducks in just over three weeks, on the last Thursday of 2005! Boomer Sooner!

Happy Thanksgiving

While everyone enjoys turkey and other holiday festivities, let us give thanks that the tradition in which we were part, The Pride of Oklahoma, conducted a food drive this month that the Norman Christmas Store very badly needed:

Organizers said the Christmas Store’s cubbards were terribly bare this season, until three independent food drives “pushed us over the hump,” Hollingsworth said. Canned goods drives by Noble Public Schools, Norman Public Schools and the OU Pride of Oklahoma marching band combined to save the day.

Please remember to give generously to those in need in your area.

Update: (2005.12.01) The Oklahoma Daily has published a slideshow of members of ΚΚΨ and ΤΒΣ loading food from the band room onto the trucks to take it to the Christmas Store. Check it out!

On Friday, Texas plays Texas A&M at 11:00 on ABC (nationwide). If the moo cows Longhorns lose, they still play for the Big XII Championship on December 3 in Houston, but their Rose Bowl and BCS national championship hopes are over. At 2:30 PM (CT), Colorado hosts Nebraska. Colorado clinches the Big XII North division with a victory. If Nebraska wins and Iowa State beats Kansas in Lawrence on Saturday, then the Cyclones play Texas for the Big XII championship and a guaranteed Fiesta Bowl berth. If Iowa State loses, Colorado wins the division regardless of Friday’s outcome.

On Saturday, our Sooners close the 2005 regular season with Bedlam, hosting OSU on Owen Field at 2:30 PM CT. The game will be televised “regionally” by ABC Sports, but there is no published coverage map. Some areas will apparently see Virginia-Miami or South Florida-Connecticut. If your ABC affiliate won’t show Bedlam, check out for radio and internet options, or ask your cable or satellite provider about ESPN GamePlan, which will have the game available nationwide. The game will be called for ABC by Terry Gannon and Jamal Anderson, with Dave LaMont on the sidelines, according to the OU Athletic Department’s 15-page OU-OSU football media guide. Have all the stats at your fingertips and second-guess the announcers!

For those coming to Norman, it is the final home game and senior day. Before the Pride’s pre-game show, the team will recognize 20 senior players who are playing their last home game. It’s Bedlam, so first up at halftime is the Spirit of Oklahoma State Cowboy Marching Band, followed by the Pride’s Rock & Roll show, and recognition of Pride seniors as halftime ends. The Pre-Game concert is at 1PM north of Parrington Hall, and after the game, there is a reception for outgoing band secretary Cindy Hartless, as noted below this on the main page.

Finally, if you’re still steaming about last Saturday, don’t miss Eileen Kelly’s post, the Top 10 Referee excuses for blowing the calls at the end of the OU/Texas Tech game. Especially #2 – our pep band did good. Happy Thanksgiving!

Reception after OU-OSU for Cindy Hartless

2005 Pride Invites All Alumni to Reception to Honor Cindy Hartless

After serving as Band Secretary for 21 years, Cindy Hartless is retiring in January following the Band Banquet. The 2005 Pride of Oklahoma students and staff invite all Pride Alumni to a come and go reception for Cindy following the OU vs. OSU game on November 26th in Catlett Music Center. Refreshments will be served, and everyone will have the chance to visit with Cindy and wish her well as she prepares for life as a retiree.

For additional information about this special event, please contact Betty Wiseman at

We hope that you will be able to join us as we honor Cindy’s contributions to the Pride of Oklahoma.

Boomer Sooner!

Brian Britt
Director of The Pride of Oklahoma

Wind Symphony in concert

Wind-11-25-2005: Thumbnail, Wind Symphony concert poster, 11/21/2005The OU Wind Symphony performs its final concert of the fall semester on Monday, November 21, at 8:00 PM, in the Paul F. Sharp Concert Hall at OU’s Catlett Music Center.

Under the direction of Dr. William K. Wakefield, Director of University Bands, and guest conductor Christopher J. Evans, the Wind Symphony will perform Prokofiev’s March, Op. 99, Carl Maria von Weber’s Concertino for Clarinet (with featured faculty soloist Dr. David Etheridge), Bernstein’s Profanation (from the Jeremiah symphony), Frank Ticheli’s Apollo Unleashed (from his Symphony No. 2), Percy Grainger’s Over the Hills and Far Away (Children’s March), and John Philip Sousa’s Glory of the Yankee Navy.

The concert is part of the School of Music’s Sutton Series; tickets are $8 for adults, and $5 for students, faculty, staff, and seniors. Tickets are available in advance from the OU School of Music Ticket Office, or just before the performance.

Click on the thumbnail to download your own PDF version of the poster for this concert to print out and post where people might see it, and come out on November 21 to support the band program!


Some topics we covered at our business meeting Saturday afternoon, October 22, 2005, include:

Attendees statistics

Youngest Member – Matthew Houston, 23, Claremore, OK

“Most Mature” Member – Jim Arganbright, 80, Tuttle, OK

We had seven ‘first-timers’

Sheila Stuckey traveled the farthest from Daytona Beach, FL

The Raines family had the most family members present, with Jim and Carmen Raines, and their dauther and son-in-law, Jamie and Sam Evans. And we had Dewey and Mary Buck with their son, Doug for a family with three members present.

Constitution Changes


The name of this organization shall be The University of Oklahoma Band Alumni Association. This organization may be referred to as The OU Alumni Band, as relating to the membership who participates in the annual Homecoming Weekend activities. As deemed by the OU Alumni Association, this organization may also be referred to as The OU Club of Alumni Band.

ARTICLE II. Purpose.

In October 2005, during the Centennial Celebration of the University of Oklahoma Bands, our general membership elected to become part of the OU Alumni Association.

ARTICLE III. Membership.

Honorary Life Membership — This function has not been actively set in place in several years. We need to develop a procedure for this to know what the requirements are and how they are maintained year after year.

ARTICLE IV. Officer.

Maybe we could establish an office called “Equipment Manager” that would do what Dwight does for us, but let them be official officer. Perhaps this office would maintain where our paraphernalia are kept each year – for example, the banner, music, drumsticks, and brass mouthpieces. If we list these duties here as an officer, that position would be more recognizable and established.

ARTICLE V. Other Offices.

Section C needs to be amended to include Bill Wakefield’s title – maybe change this so it would catch other positions that may arise in the future. This might also apply to Secion 4, paragraph e & f.

The changes to Articles I, IV, and V were voted on and approved. Articles II and III will be developed and presented at next year’s general meeting.

Equipment Manager

We elected Dwight Rinner to the office of Equipment Manager. His help with the instruments over the homecoming weekends for the past few years has been invaluable. We’re extremely glad and lucky that he accepted the nomination. Thank you Dwight!

James Wright Christmas CD

Gene Coach Thrailkill spoke about a CD he has discovered of songs recorded by James Wright, a former drum major at OU. He was the first black drum major during Gene’s tenure. James has a wonderful bass singing voice, and is reported to have sung for the Queen of England as well as on Broadway. Over the years, he most likely has sung at one time or another at every church in the OKC Metro area. However, he passed away penniless in Nashville, Tennessee within the last year. His funeral service and burial was in Purcell, OK, where some of his family still resides.

If you would be interested in obtaining one of his Christmas CDs, please contact Gene Thrailkill. You may e-mail me – Rita Heath and I’ll put you in touch with Gene, or see his Web site (not updated very often) at .

Other performances throughout the year

We plan to put together pep bands made up of our membership, to play at:

  1. Holiday Season Basketball Games (when Pride members aren’t available)
  2. OU Hockey Club games
  3. Norman’s 89’er Day Parade in April 2006.

Please e-mail Rita Heath if you’re interested.

Services for Pride

Gail Richardson and a few others assembled 340 ‘goodie bags’ for all the Pride for their trip to Dallas this fall. Several members, and especially Brian Britt and Dr. Wakefield, expressed much gratitude.

Other things Gail suggested for us to do for the benefit of the Pride include more goodie bags as chances arise and a dinner or entertainment on a bowl trip.

100 Years of Pride Books

Terri Cooter had copies of the book she authored about the history of the Pride on hand for sale. She is still taking orders; e-mail Rita Heath if you’d like a copy.

The Pride of Oklahoma ‘A Century of Spirit’ CD’s

Valorie Pryor has copies of the The Pride of Oklahoma: A Century of Spirit CD available for sale for $15.00. If you’d like one and want it mailed, the price is $17.00.

This is the Rah-Rah CD which features each era of band directors: Leonard Haug, Gene Braught, Gene Thrailkill and Brian Britt. E-mail Rita Heath for more information on obtaining a copy.

Questions, comments, or further discussion? Post your comments here!

Homecoming 2005 discussion

Wow, what a night! 160 alumni marching pregame and halftime, a dogged fight to the finish, the first-ever overtime game at Owen Field and a double-overtime homecoming victory for the Sooners!

Post your thoughts and comments here by clicking the “Discuss” link below this message. (If you don’t see one, please read “How to post comments”.) If you have photos you’d like to share, contact the Webmaster and we’ll do our best to share them with all of you.

Outstanding job, everyone!

“Band Specific” Security Info from Brian Britt


We are sure looking forward to this weekend. It will be fun to see the Alumni Band during pregame, and the current Pride students are very enthusiastic about our combined performance at halftime.

  • All instrument cases will be brought in through Gate 1 for morning practice on Saturday. No instrument or case should leave the stadium after this point until AFTER the game.
  • Once the rehearsal has concluded instruments can be stored in cases in the football practice area at the south end of the stadium complex. (The Alumni Band Equipment Truck will be located on the practice field for this purpose.) This will eliminate the security problem of instruments passing in and out of the stadium once the security/safety sweep has been conducted. To reiterate, no cases in or out following the conclusion of rehearsal.
  • Anyone taking their instrument out of the stadium following practice will not be able to get it back into the stadium.
    Everyone will need to go to the practice area to get their equipment prior to pregame and halftime performances (if they are not seated with the alumni band). NOTE: We are working to arrange storage for the large instruments in or near the tunnels and will share that info on Saturday.
  • Alumni band members with tickets elsewhere in the stadium (not in band seating area) should plan to leave their instruments in the practice area during the game to ensure that their instrument is not interfering with other fans’ ability to see the game and also to ensure that it doesn’t get played on during the game as per conference regulations.

We hope that everyone understands the importance of complying with these procedures to help us support the security measures being undertaken by our law enforcement officials. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.


Boomer Sooner!


Brian Britt
Director of The Pride of Oklahoma
The University of Oklahoma Marching Band
Catlett Music Center
500 W Boyd St
Norman, OK 73019