Pride Centennial Book

100 Years of Pride
1904-2004: Celebrating a century of Pride

100 Years of Pride commemorates the 100-year history of The Pride of Oklahoma. This book provides a walk down memory lane for any one who ever participated in the Pride of Oklahoma Marching band. From it’s inception in 1904 by student Lloyd Curtis to the present day, under the direction of former OU student Brian Britt, the OU band has a rich and storied history. The performances, the travels, and the people who have made up this program add to the great history of one of the most revered University of Oklahoma student organizations on campus.

Each chapter contains favorite memories of band members who wanted to contribute to 100 Years of Pride. Every person who reads this book will revel in the experiences and fun of every band member, while visualizing the hundreds of halftime formations over the last 100 years. Dates may not be exact in some cases as sources sometimes varied in records. The pictures included in the book are often from the private collections of each director, band members who donated them, or from the author’s private collection. Each picture illustrates the band and its journey to the end of its first century. The next century will prove to be every bit as talented and exciting.

The proceeds from the sale of 100 Years of Pride will go to the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band General Scholarship fund in order to provide scholarships to future Pride members. The OU Band Alumni Association wants future band members to experience the same joy and love of the band program that brought them so many fond memories. May the next generation of Pride members recognize the history that was laid before them and strive to create their own history that enriches their lives for many years to come. The tradition continues…the tradition of excellence!

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