OU 12, Texas 0

The first shutout of the Horns in 24 years (and the first in the Red River Shoot out in 32 years) is not the only thing making the Big XII and the Sooners’ schedule interesting this season: Kansas State lost to Kansas for the first time in 12 years, Texas Tech gave Nebraska its worst-ever loss, and that other school is still undefeated.

The Pride shined during a rainy, poncho-less Dallas afternoon, still on the field for pregame as ABC-TV’s national telecast started, and performing some of its spectacular halftime show behind ABC’s network halftime show. If you were lucky enough to have a big C-Band satellite dish, you could see even more of pregame and halftime. The Pride also performed at halftime of a local high school football game Friday night, after holding an open rehearsal in Sanger, TX on Friday morning. It was a busy but very successful trip for our gang!

ABC-TV has just announced that next week’s OU-KSU game in Manhattan will be televised, with kickoff once again at 11 AM. This is the third 11 AM kickoff this season for the Sooners and the Pride (and one more was at 11:30 AM). The Pride is sending a Pep Band to Manhattan for that morning game, and therefore will not march pregame or halftime, but will support the Sooners in full voice!

It’s now just two weeks until our fantastic Centennial Celebration! Be sure to keep up with all the homecoming news here (or, if you’re technically savvy, subscribe to the homecoming RSS feed for homecoming-only news in your favorite news reader). We’ll have more news this week and next week, so please keep checking in!