10-10-04 Centennial Update

If promises are kept, we will have enough football tickets for us all. (That is to say – all who ordered and paid for them on the registration forms by the deadline.)
We’re still depending upon people to use their own tickets should they have them, but at long last, the committee’s planning can be turned to making sure everyone has a good time rather than making sure everyone can get into the stadium. As you may know, we were down to begging twos and fours from individuals when Valorie Pryor found a block of tickets large enough to put us over the top. As it now stands, alumni will not march pre-game.
Our first entrance will be with The Pride at half-time. We’ll enter from the south and pretty much fill the field, sideline to sideline goal line to goal line. It will be a KYSO (knock your socks off) moment. We’ve wanted something about this day that the general audience would remember for a long time. It may be just the number of marchers … seven hundred forty-five. SEVEN HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE.

Because our seats will be scattered through out the stadium, we’ll need some extra assembly time, perhaps the entire second quarter. You’ll need to keep small instruments with you or have time to get large ones from the equipment truck. Terri Cooter and her experienced crew of alumni reunion planners along with Dr. Wakefield and Mr. Britt will have it all worked out, no doubt.

Don’t be like the kid in the Norman Rockwell painting, sitting in his tuxedo dyeing his brown shoes black. Be sure you have your uniform components. Black shoes and socks, black trousers (not blue jeans), and a white shirt of some sort to show at the neck of the new wind-breaker you will receive game day. A white turtleneck, white button down, or the traditional white alumni polo shirt will be just fine.

If you are a person who must worry about things over which you have no control, this would be the time to start worrying about game time. 6 PM Good, 2:30 PM Good, 11:30AM NOT GOOD. As soon as we know, we’ll let you know. However, still this is not the time to panic. We’ll let you know when that time arrives.