OU 28, Texas Tech 13

There was a little bit of disappointment in Memorial Stadium that the Sooners, who clearly had the option and ability to score another touchdown in the last minute of the game, chose not to do so. The game’s last play was a run that ended in-bounds at the Texas Tech 2-yard line with 0:45 in the game, and the Sooners correctly chose not to run another play – the game was over and OU had won. Perhaps this will silence those who are pathologically obsessed with OU’s margin of victory, but don’t count on it.

The Pride of Oklahoma‘s movie show was quite impressive, with powerful music from contemporary movies and some really cool visuals. It now goes to the OU-Texas game in Dallas on Saturday, and it should be amazing. If you have tickets, be sure not to leave at halftime. Since OU is the “home team” this year, the Pride will perform both pregame and halftime second, after the SlowShowband of the Southwest.

Speaking of other bands, let’s applaud the Pride’s guests, the Goin’ Band from Raiderland. The entire Goin’ Band made a long trip from Lubbock to entertain Sooner and Red Raider fans with My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music, plus a Blue Devils-style arrangement of When A Man Loves A Woman, and the marching standard Malagueña. They’re the second full-size band to visit Owen Field this year, and it always makes the games more intense when great rival (and Big XII) bands come to support their teams. The full Pride travels to two games this year: Texas at Dallas this Saturday, and OSU at Stillwater on October 30.

It’s now officially Texas Week. Both the Sooners and Longhorns enter the Cotton Bowl as undefeated top-five teams – again! The game kicks off at 11AM CT on October 9, with national coverage on ABC-TV. UT coach Mac Brown seems to be under a little bit of pressure about it. I can live with that.