From the Centennial Committee

It will be glorious!

With the close of registration, we have 380 marchers returning for our 100 Years of Pride centennial reunion. To give you perspective, the Pride now marches 320. Based upon other alumni reunion events, the professionals at the college advised us that we’d have fewer than 200…Foolish professionals.

Three hundred eighty! That’s CCCLXXX. Our formations with the Pride cannot be complex – there won’t be room. We could go sideline to sideline, goal line to goal line…almost. When the Pride and the alumni are on the field together there will be seven hundred marchers. It will be glorious, just glorious!

On the other hand, we have a lot more people than we have football tickets. We are struggling to come up with additional tickets. At the moment, the athletic department has increased our allotment to 300. They are most cooperative and understanding … but have their limits. One hundred twenty-five guests have signed up making our total ticket demand 505.

We’re really scurrying to get more tickets from whatever source we can find. We will probably be “polling” the delegation to determine just how many “regular” seats we have and what other seats may be available. If you have “regular” seats, please keep them and plan to use them. Unless we can find a storehouse of tickets someplace it now looks unlikely that we will be able to accommodate guests at the game.

There is a chance that we will have some sort of “watch party” in the Union with people going to the stadium to march at half time. That’s not our first choice and no, we don’t yet know exactly how that will work. None of this limitation impacts the reception or the game-day business/social/lunch meeting.

The wind shirts have begun arriving. You’ll like them.

This is not the time to panic. We’ll tell you when that time arrives.

Please continue to monitor the alumni web site ( for updates on the ticket situation, schedules, and a list of returning alumni.

From the Centennial Committee