OU 63, Houston 13

We hope you were at Owen Field on Saturday night to see not only another great Sooner victory, but also some very moving rememberances of the date in both pre-game and halftime.

The gigantic Oklahoma state flag got a rest during this week’s pre-game. Instead, the north end of the field was covered with a gigantic United States flag during the traditional performance of “You’re A Grand Old Flag.” Just before the National Anthem, the fans learned that it would be followed by a fly-over in T-38 Talon fighter jets, from Sheppard Air Force Base and NATO, piloted by an Italian Air Force squadron. You’re probably thinking, “Those things never work out on time,” but just as the final note of the Star-Spangled Banner was ringing, four jets in formation appeared above the SoonerVision scoreboard. It could not have been timed one second better, and it was breathtaking!

At halftime, the Spirit of Houston marching band performed selections from Carmina Burana to the home side, and the Pride followed with “Cuban Fire” selections and a new drill to the student (east) side. Then both bands took the field at once to play a Roland Barrett remembrance for September 11, consisting of Taps, Amazing Grace, and America the Beautiful. 80,000-plus fans stood reverently for the performance, and at the end of America the Beautiful, cheered wildly as fireworks went off over the southwest corner of the stadium. Few people who were there will forget that performance.

After the game, as the Pride took the field for the post-game concert, the Spirit of Houston band traded a few tunes with them – and saluted us by playing Roland’s 1986 arrangement of Oklahoma Blues! Pride alumni (class of 1987) David Bertman directed a fine group that was a great credit to its university, and a joy to host in Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

This was the second of six home games for 2004, and Homecoming – with the Centennial Celebration – is the fifth, in just six weeks. Click here to see how you can be part of it!

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