OU vs. Bowling Green tomorrow

The above link is to a PDF map of ABC’s coverage of the game – it’s on for most of the nation, except the northeast, industrial midwest, FL, AK, HI, and most of CA. It’s an 11 AM CT kickoff, so get up early to support the Sooners and the Centennial edition of The Pride of Oklahoma! The Pride will also appear at tonight’s Big Red Rally, so if you’re in Norman, come on out!

Oh, and check out the OU Foundation’s home page for a picture of Mel Penn (drum major, 1969-1972) and Clint Williams (drum major, 2002-2003) taken last year, with Clint in uniform. The Foundation’s Sooner Magazine will look at the upcoming Centennial Celebration:

The Pride of Oklahoma, OU’s award-winning marching band, celebrates its 100th anniversary of heart-pounding, foot-stomping halftime performances with a nostalgic look back at the generations of directors and bandsmen who built the tradition. Among those pictured are Clint Williams, left, who led the Pride down the field in 2002 and 2003, and Mel Penn, the 1969-72 drum major who originated the trademark “Oklahoma Strut” pre-game entrance. OU band alumni will hold a “100 Years of Pride” Reunion October 22-23, 2004

Click Homecoming 2004 News for more information!

Also: ESPN is following OU’s football program behind the scenes all year long, and the first installment covers the weekly Game Day Ops meeting, where Brian Britt joins folks from the Athletic Department and elsewhere at the University in trying to make sure everything that’s supposed to happen does so in the correct order and at the right time. (And yes, the Pride has the Bowling Green fight song ready!)

Boomer Sooner!