If you’re a 2004 Pride Parent…

…then be sure to ask your member offspring for Pride Parents’ Day information. This year, due to the always-unpredictable schedule, Pride Parents Day is the first home game – September 4, OU vs. Bowling Green, with an 11AM kickoff for ABC Sports.

Orders for tickets and other festivities are to be filled first-come, first-serve, and the deadline for getting them to the Band Office is Monday, August 25, so don’t put it off. (This is unrelated to Homecoming, but be sure to get those forms in as soon as possible, too.)

Homecoming 2005 FAQ

Q: Is there a parade, and if so when and where?
A: Checking…

Q: When do Alumni Band Members pick up our game tickets and guest tickets?
A: Your ‘homecoming packets’ will be available Friday night in Catlett at our playing rehearsal, and again on Saturday on the third floor of the Student Union. They should include everything you ordered for game day.

Q: If it’s very cold, will we be allowed to wear our own coats/jackets when we are not on the field?
A: Sure, we’ll let you wear what ever it takes to be comfortable – however, when on the field, we hope to have a uniform appearance.

Q: What is the ‘uniform’ for the day?
A: Black slacks or jeans (no blue jeans), black shoes, and our Uniform shirts.

Q: What is the schedule for game day?
A: We haven’t set the schedule yet. We’ll post it here as soon as we can. Registration and the business meeting will be in the Student Union regardless of the order.

Q: Where will the large brass and percussion instruments that are being provided for us be checked out?
A: We will have a rental truck parked near the Pride’s equipment truck. We plan to have it parked (weather permitting) south of the stadium on the west side of the practice field for the entire day.

Q: During the day, who will be available for questions that arise?
A: The OU Band Alumni Association president is Gail Richardson, Vice President is Susan Grossman, Treasurer is Ann Darnold, and Secretary is Rita Heath. Bill Wakefield and Brian Britt, of course, will also be happy to help. Also, we have over 100 regular homecoming attendees who are familiar with our basic routine, so there will plenty of resources for you to tap.

Q: Where can I download the music to practice?
A: The Pride’s website – the Media Link – Boomer Sooner and Fight for OKU are downloadable in PDF format.

Q: Will there be a Friday night rehearsal?

Yes – Friday evening, the 21st, in the band room in Catlett Music Center on the corner of Boyd and Elm. Meet at 6:30 to check out music, and pick up your large instruments if borrowing – and to pick up your homecoming packets. Following rehearsal, KKY/TBS will have a reception for us in the Symphonic Band Rehearsal Room.