Centennial Celebration Updates

We only get one centennial!

Our Celebration will begin Friday night, October 22nd.

Homecoming 2004, celebrating the Pride of Oklahoma Centennial, comes on October 23, 2004, as the Sooners take on the Kansas Jayhawks. This will be the biggest OU Band Alumni homecoming ever, so mark your calendars now.

The first OU marching band took the field in 1904, and 2004 is a year of celebration for the Pride and all alumni! Watch this page for more details as they become available, but trust us, you’ll want to be there.

NOTE:  On the Homecoming Registration form (have you gotten yours yet?) – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write what instrument you will be playing.  AND Also let us know if you will need to borrow one (only large brass and percussion please).

FYI:  When you receive your homecoming newsletter, you’ll see the sizes for the shirts as S, M, L, XL, and 2XL.  The actual sizes are as follows:
S 36-38, M 38-40, L 40-42, XL 42-44, 2X 44-46.

E-mail our secretary at secretary@oubandalumni.org anytime.  Especially to make sure you’re on the e-mail and snail mail lists.


Site changes

You may have noticed a few changes to the site tonight. Instead of a monolithic site, we’ve changed to a more weblog-like format that allows for individual news items. The first few items are just what used to be on the home page. (You can still read the old home page if you want, but it won’t get updated anymore.) If you just read the home page, you won’t notice much difference, except that items are more easily separated. If you’re a Web pro, though, you can now get this site in RSS format by clicking this icon XML icon …in the navigation links on the left. That means you can read anything posted in your favorite RSS news reader, such as NewsGator for Outlook on Windows, or NetNewsWire for Mac OS X. Any new items will then show up automatically in your news reader – a very cool technology, IMHO. If you have any questions, let me know, or post comments here. We have a discussion board awaiting your wisdom.