Homecoming 2014 is Saturday, October 18 (Kansas State @ OU)

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Some pictures from bowl games, Homecoming, and Spring Games

  • sb14-espn-pregame-poster
  • band-2-slice.jpg
  • pep-rally-slice.jpg
  • IMG_4981
  • IMG_6481
  • IMG_6329
  • IMG_6685
  • IMG_4498-1
  • cropped-PanoBandsmall.jpg
  • cropped-BCS-2009-Pregame-poster.jpg

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Updates for Tennessee game

Spoke a bit too soon: we have now updated the online calendar with the Pride’s public events for the Tennessee @ OU game Saturday night (broadcast nationally on ABC). We also have the Press Book...

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OUBAA Calendar updated

Our calendar finally has been updated, so if you subscribe to it in Windows or Google or iOS Calendar programs, this year’s games should show up properly. No pregame or postgame schedules are i...

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Newsletter! Registration! Do it now!

Remember Smokey and the Bandit? “We’ve got a long way to go, and a short time to get there…” OK, so I’m old. Nonetheless, it’s true. Homecoming is October 16, the Sat...

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The map below shows Wagner Hall on campus. Its south lawn is just north of the FanFest area north of Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. That South Lawn is where The Pride will perform pre-game concerts during the 2014 season. Click “View on Google Maps” for more context.